Instituti për Kritikë dhe Emancipim Shoqëror

About Us

Established in 2014 from activists of the left. The main reason is to investigate critically the social phenomenon and to break the cultural hegemony of the albanian economic and political etiles of the last 25 years:

-To carry through services and actualize projects that aim the good of public interest;

-To organize conferences, workshops, trainings, lectures, translations, publications and other informing and mobilizing activities, raising awareness about economic development and civil rights issues, orientation to social equality, cultural and artistic development.

-To organize, structure and raise the capacity of student unions, trade unions and other interest groups, to advice and defend them when needed as the law provides.

-To perform activities for the good of the public, perceiving every activity that supports and develops spiritual values and humanitarian values, protects human life and health, assures and accomplish social and public services, assistance and support in cases of any fatality, protect the environment and develops the cultural aspect of it, science, education, wills to help in developing good habits and democratic values, also perceiving every other activity for the good of the public to members of the society.

-To support the education of the new generation and to assist in investigative studies and other non-profit activities to develop different economic sectors of Albania.

-To collaborate with identifying groups in order to fulfill intentions.